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Illustrator. Watercolour enthusiast. Paper maven. Owner of far too many notebooks and not enough pens.

I am an illustrator and photographer who lives and works in Central London. I founded the design studio in 2015 as a small consultancy aimed at providing beautiful and bespoke illustrations.

I mainly work in watercolour, although I also work extensively with coloured inks and mixed media. I take inspiration from a wide range of sources, including 18th century botanical prints, William Morris’ wallpaper designs, Aubrey Beardsley’s beautiful and detailed illustrations, and asian print-making and calligraphy. I love how versatile watercolour and ink are in tandem, and the timeless quality of handworked designs.

I absolutely adore paper. Off-white paper, rough-cut edges, textured grains and the personal, hand-finished touches are entirely my thing. I’m an avid paper collector – classical florentine paper is a personal favourite. I also own far too many notebooks and not nearly enough pens.